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2019-12-03 19:46:59

A Step-by-Step Program to Build Your Powerful Resume - FAST!

There are 6 key parts of an engaging resume, and you will learn the secrets to create each section - before moving on to the next one.  At the end of the course, your winning resume will be ready to go!

A Powerful Positioning Platform That Showcases Your Strengths

You will learn to explore your personal and professional goals, and craft a career objective statement that will allow your prospective employer to understand how you will help them reach their goals.

Understand the Hiring Funnel, and What Happens at Each Step of the Resume Evaluation Process

4 different groups will each review your resume - looking for different information.  Your biggest challenge is to beat the Resume Reading Robots - the computer algorithm that rejects 75% of online applications - BEFORE a human being sees them...for just 7 seconds each!  I'[ll teach you how to beat the robots - and make it to the desk of the hiring manager!

Step-By-Step Course With...

Powerful video training, 8 resume templates,free resume writing ebook, and membership in my Career Success Mastermind Group!
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