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2019-12-03 20:04:54

Wonder Woman — one version of her — looking for some great writing.

When you think of an action movie, what comes to mind? Buildings blowing up, cars flying through village markets, bad guys brandishing automatic weapons.

Whether you like your action heroes old school like James Bond or as fresh as the Patty Jenkins-directed Wonder Woman, the movie protagonists have one thing in common— they do things. We call them “action heroes,” after all, not “being heroes.”

It’s so easy for us to get stuck in be:

“I want to be a writer.”

Yes, well, writers don’t have a lot in common with action heroes, other than creating them.

So how can we turn that statement into an action?

“I want to type furiously.”“I want to endlessly contemplate a blank computer screen.”“I want to spend so long hunched over my laptop in a coffee shop that the smell of roasting coffee becomes permanently embedded in my nostrils.”

Whenever you notice yourself writing the verb “be,” stop. What do you really mean? Get specific. See the sights, smell the smells, feel the emotions. That’s what you want to write about — not about being but about doing.

(If you’d like to be better-armed in the fight against passive verbs, I’d be happy to send you a lesson I put together.) Elaine Bennett
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